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Magic Valley Rehabilitation Services Ambassador of the Month

We are very grateful for your support to help us continue our 44 year history of

providing training, employment, personal development and related services

We hope you will take advantage of this easy opportunity to contribute to the

Success of People With Abilities!

We’re realigning things at MVRS to support our mission of helping our participants become as self-reliant, independent and integrated as they can be in their respective communities.

Randalyn Hauser, our current Director of Rehabilitation Division will now be titled Director of Facility Based Programs & Services. She is a Certified Developmental Specialist and will manage all Community Access and Adult Activities Programs alongwith in-house Industrial Work Services.

Brendi Akins, our current Director of Administrative Division will now serve as our Director of Community Vocational Services. Brendi will manage Community Based and Long-Term Support employment programs and will continue to coordinate and oversee administrative and financial personnel within the agency.

MVRS Ambassador of the Month

Meet Brendi Akins and Randalyn Hauser

MVRS Ambassadors of the Month

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