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Here’s some background about MVRS.

In 1973 a group of concerned and inspired citizens recognized the need for services in the Magic Valley which could give persons with disabilities the skills to be as independent as possible. Their vision was to set up a non-profit agency to address that need.

Magic Valley Rehabilitation Services, Inc. (MVRS) has operated as a private 501(c)(3) corporation since that time, providing evaluation, training, employment, personal development and other programs for persons who are disabled, disadvantaged or displaced.

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MVRS Mission

Magic Valley Rehabilitation Services, Inc. affirms the worth of all individuals.

Through a variety of services and programs MVRS actively strives to:

►Empower individuals to achieve maximum participation in employment and community life.

►Encourage individuals to explore and enhance their unique skills and abilities.

►Promote a work ethic that leads to greater social and economic independence and self-reliance, and

►Develop within the community a knowledge that supports the strengths and talents of a diverse population.

During 2007 and 2008, MVRS conducted an extensive review of IRS guidelines in an effort to improve the organization’s governance practices.

Through the review of these guidelines, and through the review and application of the Sarbanes-Oxley good governance principles for non-profit organizations, MVRS modified a number of operational policies and procedures.

Processes were also implemented that assisted the Board of Directors in better understanding and fulfilling their responsibilities.

MVRS is committed to improving and maintaining transparency in its business practices, procedures and other activities.

Board and staff members here believe that members of the community, both individually and collectively, have a right to know about the activities of MVRS and will be given accurate information upon request, as long as that information is not protected by applicable confidentiality laws.

Requests for information can be made by contacting MVRS.

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Board of Directors

Now more about MVRS Board of Directors, which is elected annually each September.

The Board of Directors is made up of citizens representing communities throughout South-Central Idaho. They are a policy setting Board and are not compensated. A minimum of two of the directors of the corporation shall meet one or more of the following “consumer criteria”:

(a) Be a person with a disability
(b) Be a parent of a son or daughter who has a disability
(c) Be a representative of an organization that serves as an advocacy group for disabled persons
(d) Be a provider of services to people with disabilities, services which are not provided by Magic Valley Rehabilitation Services, Inc.