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Services include life skills training.

Adult Activity Program (Adult Day Health)

Our Adult Activity Program provides a supervised, structured day program outside of a participant’s home or residential setting. The program offers social, recreational, health and other activities, as well as assistance with activities of daily living. Activities are participant driven, and are primarily intended for adults with developmental disabilities.

Developmental Therapy

Our Community Access Program provides personal and social adjustment training to assist persons with developmental disabilities in becoming more active, participating members of their community. Developmental therapy can be provided individually, or in a group setting, and is offered at our MVRS facility or at sites around the community.

Training is available in the following areas:

•Money Skills – money identification, budgeting, giving correct change, writing checks…
•Time Management – telling time, calendar skills, scheduling events…
•Independent Living – laundry skills, meal planning, home cleaning, grooming, leisure activities…
•Social Manners and Interaction – initiating conversations, getting along with others, social space…
•Life Facts – emotions management, establishing boundaries…
•Other training can be provided based on the needs and desire of the person being served.


Community Based employment at McDonald

Community Based Employment Services

These services can include job development, placement in competitive employment, job specific training, work adjustment and/or follow-along after placement, and vocational evaluation at the placement site. Pre-employment  services can also be provided which may include identifying a career goal, resume writing, interview preparation, application completion, etc. Long-term support can also be provided to help an individual retain employment, depending on the person’s disability and need.

Work Services

This is a program which provides remunerative employment for individuals who may not be able to meet the standards of competitive employment in the community. Facility based work opportunities are provided which assist people with disabilities in enhancing their work skills and habits while earning wages. Janitorial, bench and assembly, and other types of work are available here.


MVRS is an Employment Network working cooperatively with the Social Security Ticket-to-Work Program. As such, MVRS can provide assistance to Social Security Ticket holders by doing a benefits analysis for the individual, developing a plan for employment, and by assisting the person in finding and maintaining employment.



MVRS does not discriminate in admission or access to,

or treatment or employment in, its programs and activities.

Services include community based employment

How do I get started?

Call MVRS at 208-734-4112 or visit us at our office at 484 Eastland Drive South, Twin Falls, Idaho.

Eligibility Criteria

•The person has a mental or physical disability, is disadvantaged or displaced
•The person’s disability or conduct is not dangerous to self or others
•The person is generally able to care for his or her own personal needs
•The person must be 16 years of age or older
•The person has third party sponsorship, or is self-paying (Third party sponsorship includes,  but is not limited to the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR), the Idaho Commission for the Blind (ICB), Medicaid, an MVRS funding source such as a Foundation or Trust, etc. )

•The person has appropriate medical, psychological and/or other referral information available
•The person chooses to participate in services and is expected to benefit
•The cultural and linguistic needs of the person can be adequately addressed in delivering services
•Other specific admissions criteria may apply depending on the service desired



Not meeting one criteria does not automatically

preclude entrance to MVRS’s services and programs.