Inspiring Powerful Connections
for Lifelong Recovery
Mt. View Treatment Center is a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in San Fernando Valley,
CA that provides clinical rehabilitation for addiction and dual diagnosis difficulties.
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Inspiring Powerful Connections for Lifelong Recovery

Located in the San Fernando Valley, CA, Mt. View Treatment Center is a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center specializing in the clinical rehabilitation of addiction and dual diagnosis difficulties. We offer detox services and individualize, residential treatment from licensed therapists, certified counselors, and experienced support staff with our world-renowned MD who specializes in addiction medicine. Our facility offers total and complete confidentiality while our clients undergo intensive treatment to start lifelong recovery.
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Drug and Alcohol

Rehab Programs

The diseases of alcoholism and addiction not only effect the lives of those who suffer them, but also the ones who love them the most. Unfortunately, like many incurable diseases, alcoholism and drug addiction result in death, but not before causing the addict and their loved ones immense amounts of pain and sadness, anger and despair. Like other incurable diseases, addiction does not have one specific cause or method of treatment. The causes are multi-faceted and the methods are various, according to the nature of the disease.

At Mt. View Treatment Center, we address the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual elements of the diseases of addiction and alcoholism. In order to discover the root causes of addictive behavior, our Clinical Director who specializes in BrainSpotting - a relatively new type of therapy designed to help people access, process, and overcome trauma, negative emotions, and pain – meets with each resident continually throughout treatment. Licensed therapists provide group and individual therapy multiple times daily, and certified counselors and experienced support staff provide guidance from first-hand experiences of recovery success. Therefore, each individual can develop the coping skills needed to maintain their sobriety in a 24/7 environment of extreme confidentiality, deep therapy, and continual support.

Our Services Include:

• 30-90 Day Treatment Program
• Individualized Treatment Plans
• BrainSpotting Therapy (BSP)
• CBT, DBT, EMDR, 12 Step support
• Group Therapy

• Individual Therapy
• Family Therapy
• Healthy and Nutritious Meals
• Recreational activities
• Discharge and Relapse Prevention Planning
• Aftercare

Mt. View Treatment Center’s Treatment Approach

Upon admission we will help you construct a recovery program tailored to your personal history, strengths, and growing areas, along with various treatment methods from our array of hand-picked treatment professionals – including licensed therapists, board certified addiction psychiatrist, certified addiction counselors, etc., Mt. View treatment is balanced with support group meetings, fun social activities, physical exercise, spiritual growth through a variety of spiritual exercises and guidance, emotional growth from counseling with our director, and more. With guidance from our staff of more than 25 years of sobriety, we will assist you in setting both short and long-term goals for your treatment and integration into a career and/or school.

After completing Mt. View’s Alcohol and Drug Detox Program, most clients smoothly transition into our Residential Program.  During the residential program, clients will develop a Master Treatment Plan in conjunction with their therapist. Mt. View incorporates the residents into developing the treatment plan, and we find most residents take more ownership of their recovery when they are involved in the development of their treatment plan.  Each resident’s recovery plan is individual; however, all clients participate in Group Therapy and Counseling Session multiple times daily, Individual Therapy sessions 2 times per week, Family Therapy sessions with participating family members and licensed therapist 1 time per week, Recreational Therapy in the form of hiking, surfing, etc. with reflectional time afterward, Physical Recovery by way of gym memberships and visits 4 times per week, and Spiritual Recovery with daily meditations and spiritual services available.

Support Group Meetings

12 step meetings important for recovery. Many find success through them. We support your participation and attend 1 meeting daily. Sponsorship and step work emphasized for lifelong freedom and wellness.

Physical Recovery

Addicts neglect self-care, so we prioritize physical health. Gym, Yoga, and recreational activities offered on-site. Swimming and mountain patio available for relaxation after a day of growth.

Spiritual Recovery

Morning and gratitude meditation offered daily. Spiritual exercises and counseling provided. Weekly spiritual services and emphasis on establishing a relationship with Higher Power for sustained recovery.

Mental Recovery

Mt. View Treatment Center focuses on mental recovery of residents with damaged neural networks due to addiction. They use specific exercises and weekly Brainspotting sessions to heal these areas faster, targeting brain injuries during the recovery process with therapy support for increased clarity and awareness.

Volunteer service

Community service plays a major role in recovery, building self-esteem and minimizing isolation. Weekly events are scheduled to involve friends in recovery.

Recreational Recovery

Preventing burnout in recovery includes relearning to have fun, which they do through social activities like beach trips and concerts with other sober individuals. They also prioritize developing healthy relationships within the sober community.

Healing Family Relationships

Addiction affects entire families and Mt. View Treatment Center offers weekly Family Therapy, spiritual services, and sober activities for families to heal together.

Mt. View Treatment Center offers a holistic approach to addiction recovery through support group meetings, individual/group/family therapy, social activities, exercise, and spiritual growth. Their serene environment and structured program aim to help clients transition into a life of sobriety, health, and freedom with a strong foundation for lifelong recovery.

Mt. View Treatment Center’s Mission

To be a private, clinical, and inspirational residential treatment center in which residents in early recovery can obtain balance of healthy mind, body, emotions and spirit while developing the tools and foundation for lifelong recovery and healthy choices. Our structured and individualized program will increase self-worth as you achieve short term and long-term goals for transitioning into a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our mission is to support residents with clinical professionals and experienced recovery counselors, while offering structure and accountability as the pathway to inspiration and recovery.

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